Fur-One-One #2

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The Fur One One

Wind of Change

This week I find myself on a bit of a vacation from GSAH. Don’t worry I am still surrounded by beautiful animals and their humans. I am in San Antonio volunteering for an Arabian horse show. After my last (and first) blog I got to thinking about all the changes in veterinary medicine over the last 20 to 30 years. This morning before leaving town Dr. Griffith took a few moments to sit down with me and answer some questions about those changes. While he was speaking I slowly began to realize that it was not so much about a few individual changes in medications or anesthesia but more of an all encompassing change on how we view pets and pet ownership.
Dogs and cats no longer sleep outside. Most of the time they can be found in our beds curled up next to us. Cats are no longer thought of as “second class” citizens kept only for their mice chasing abilities. We no longer have to risk using human pain medications in dogs or tell cat owners that there is nothing we can do for their cat’s pain. We no longer have to use dangerous flea shampoos, dips and sprays. If you’re like me you remember dipping your dog in the kitchen sink while squinting your eyes and holding your breath, only to find the fleas return the next day. With every year that passes we have better diagnostic testing, medications to offer and safer anesthetics to use. Equipment and medications once deemed only necessary in human medicine are now routine in veterinary medicine. Actually, a lot of what we see in veterinary medicine today has been modified from a human counterpart. We are also beginning to see organ transplants and kidney dialysis.  As far as the future of veterinary medicine I believe the sky is the limit.  
Lets face it, as animal lovers and pet owners we are basically a sucker for a cute face and a wagging tail (or nubbin if you prefer). We don’t want to see our four legged kids suffer for any reason. We drive the research that will hopefully bring us better solutions for a quick, painless recovery or long term care of the senior patient. My whole life has been devoted to the love and care of pets and I have personally seen many positive changes. I can’t wait to see what the future holds. For me, I know that there is one thing that will not change. I will always have a dog by my side, a cat in my lap, a horse in the barn and a VERY full heart.